Qualitative Project Assistant

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As a Qualitative Project Assistant, you are concerned with the coordination of a qualitative project and with assisting the Project Manager in making sure the project is delivered in accordance with the specs given by the client.

You are one of the key players in the execution of a qualitative project as you will coordinate with respondents, vendors, freelancers, translation agencies and check quality of the deliverables before they are passed on to the client. You will be accountable for successful management of respondents, vendors and delivery.


As a Qualitative Project Assistant your role encompasses the following:

  • Recruitment of respondents on a project in your local language, including recruitment from panel and freefinding
  • Call and confirm and re screen respondents that took an online screener
  • Confirm respondents prior the field dates
  • Send out confirmation emails/study materials/links to respondents via the MR system
  • Finalize the internal and client recruitment update and alert PM
  • Responsibility for the management and control of the vendors on qualitative projects allocated to you, ensuring that M3 achieves and exceeds client expectations.
  • Supporting the Project Manager on the project in terms of vendor management and checking deliverables
  • Negotiate costs and set up freelancers on qualitative projects and manage them throughout the project
  • Negotiate and set up recruitment agencies/translation agencies/moderators/simultaneous translators/facilities on qualitative projects and manage them throughout the project
  • Maintain and develop a relationship with the freelancers and vendors on the behalf of M3 Global Research
  • Checking deliverables such as transcripts/recruitment updates/reports before they are being passed on to the client
  • Liaising with client in absence of PM, advising on any schedule changes etc


Knowledge of the Client’s Business

Project Coordinators should have a good knowledge and understanding of the Client’s business and the project specs before sourcing partners.

Partner Management

They should be comfortable working with partners and make sure that they follow the project specs set out by M3 Global Research’s clients. They should maintain a professional relationship with partners and make sure that they deliver on time and with good result.

Management of Project Deliverables

This role is the pivotal one in ensuring timely progress of all projects which pass through the Company, in conjunction with Operations/Field. The quest should be to effectively manage the client’s expectation of the work, aimed to exceed this where possible. Above all else they must have the knowledge and foresight to inform management in good time of any concerns regarding project deliverables. All jobs should be reviewed during delivery and on completion. For periods of absence they must ensure project details are handed over, providing access to all necessary information to enable the project to continue successfully during their absence.

Team Working

The Project Coordinator will always work as a part of a team; with Project Managers, Recruiters, Operations, Bid and Sales. The Project Coordinator need to be providing accurate briefing and ensuring that information is available when required by their team leader or other departments. It is expected that the Project Coordinator has the judgment to know when they should seek guidance from their seniors prior to a situation becoming critical.

Financial Management of Project Costs

Ensure timely and profitable quoting with partners. Checking that costs are profitable when setting up a partner, ensuring that a PO is issued and signed off by the Operations Director and making sure that the partner costs are all listed in the MR System. When the project is completed the Project Coordinator should chase for invoices from partners and cross check that they are correct.

Inspiring Relationships with Partners/Suppliers

When M3 works alongside other partner companies, it is expected that the Project Coordinator is able to demonstrate at an administrative and implementation level, a total understanding of their role such that it inspires total confidence and respect.

Time Management

Effective prioritising is expected with all parties made aware of any movement in delivery dates and its impact on project

Information and Data Management

In the quest to constantly improve our service offering (especially in terms of our database panel) it is expected that a Project Coordinator should provide all relevant information to data management including records of respondent attendance.

Quality First

This individual is expected to demonstrate enthusiasm and pride in constantly improving the quality of production of every project that M3 delivers. As such they should have relationships based on mutual respect and trust with other departments, in particular the Fieldwork team.


25 Days Annual Leave

Group Personal Pension Plan

Private Medical Insurance

Cycle Purchase Scheme

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